See What You Feel

The Eclipse Device

The Eclipse incorporates a number of innovative technologies into its design providing users with the ability to see, feel, map and decipher cancerous and pre-cancerous tumors deep within the breast tissue. The technology behind the Eclipse device provides a level of confidence and accuracy in detection that was previously unattainable.  

Eclipse Technology

The technology works similarly to the tactile breast exam performed by an individual or doctor, but collects data using a proprietary, image-based sensor. The device is capable of detecting an occult mass as small as 5mm, up to 35mm beneath a compressed surface with an incremental resolution under 1mm. 

Simply put, our sensor technology allows women to detect breast abnormalities earlier, in the comfort of their own home with a non-invasive and radiation-free hand-held device.


Eclipse In Home Self Breast Exam Device In Use

Only the beginning

The Eclipse device is the main component of a much larger ecosystem in which users will be able to seamlessly interact with their physician through our HIPAA compliant, cloud-based smartphone application and a personalized risk profile, providing users with individually tailored best-practices for total breast health.


Eclipse FDA Registration # ECL6198

Eclipse is now engaged in its commercial phase and is currently working with the FDA to finalize its technology and regulatory requirements. 

  • The Eclipse device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • The FDA has not yet fully evaluated the Eclipse device, technology, services or statements.
  • The Eclipse is designed to be an adjunct tool for medical industry standards, and is not designed to replace mammography or any gold standard practices.
  • The attached videos and their content are intended to give a glimpse of Eclipse’s vision and future and are not intended to imply that Eclipse is currently available on the market at this time.